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Uriel is an artist, a healer and is devoted to her spiritual path, which has become her whole way of life.

She was born in New York where she also attended both Hunter and Brooklyn Colleges, CUNY.  She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Science in Education.  She stayed in New York City upon graduation and worked as a public school Guidance Counselor seeing special education children in a clinical setting.

Uriel felt called to explore other work.  Without knowing what that was she resigned, travelled, created, and ultimately found her way to energy healing school.  She then moved to Virginia - where she established a healing practice and wrote the first book. She was then asked by Jesus to move to Ashland Oregon to raise her vibration with nearby Mt. Shasta and to write the second book.

Upon release of the second book she was asked to move to Ojai, CA where she has been in deep purification over the past 4 years, and is now emerging with her new name... Uriel, which holds her new vibration and frequency.

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